Innovative Lighting Solutions

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Not only we are happy with GLEI service but amazed with the quality of the products and how much money we saved.

Samantha Grey / Chulo Box Corporation

Commercial LED Lighting Applications

Multiple Solutions and amazing energy savings solutions

Auto Dealerships

Dealerships want crisp, bright light to showcase their inventory, and GLES provides a perfect LED lighting combination to accomplish this task.

Parks and Recreation

Parks, green spaces, tennis and basketball courts, and baseball fields are lit with HID and can benefit from LED Energy Solutions.

Industrial & Manufacturing

We provide solutions to the more extreme environments of many industrial and manufacturing locations.

Apartments, Condominiums and townhouse communities

HOA’s and many housing facilities could reduce energy cost and provide residents with improved energy solutions.


We offer great substitutions for interior high bay HID lighting or inadequate high bay fluorescent lighting.

Commercial & Retail

Area lighting at shopping malls, commercial parking lots, and stores are always a natural fit for LED Lighting Solutions.