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Mission Statement

GLES is a professional organization providing it’s customers with Future Proof LED technology and working to increase global awareness of this innovative environmentally friendly technology. Not only will GLES integrate the latest LEDs into your facility, but our unique Future Proof LED Technology program keeps GLES customers up-to-date with current efficiency ratios with the highest lumen per watt ratios available without having to change the fixture, protecting your investment and reducing energy for decades to come.


Other LED lighting companies sell products that are non-upgradeable, and while cost effective at the time of purchase they have a planned obsolescence.

Unlike any other lighting company, GLES will not only implement the energy efficient LED lights into your facility, but with our Future Proof LED Technology program we will return to upgrade your modules with the latest technology! No other technology on the market today will keep up with the ever increasing lumen per watt ratios (LPW) that the new generation of LEDs are achieving and have been announced for release over the next five years. With our technology, you can purchase the highest LPW available today, and retrofit the same fixture in 2-5 years cutting the consumption in half, again without having to change the fixture.

With GLES’s unique modular exchange program we will credit you for the old module and for a nominal fee replace it with the most efficient LEDs available. In so doing you will continue to reduce your energy consumption and energy costs, as well as reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

What We Do

  • Consult with the property engineers and facilities personnel to conduct an assessment of the existing lighting on the property.
  • Prepare a detailed financial evaluation of the best lighting solution to replace the old system, including but not limited to ROI, payback period, avoidance of replacing “lamps and ballast” from the old system inclusive of disposal fees and maintenance.
  • Quantify the positive financial effect on the A/C load caused by heat removal from inefficient fixtures, as well as the reduction of Co2 discharge effectuated by the energy reduction.
  • Design a system tailored to your facility, with the highest efficiency available today.
  • GLES backs all their products with a 5 year warranty, (parts and labor) while most systems pay for themselves in less than 3 years.
  • Consultation includes designing a solution that best suits the property.
  • LED Technology is rapidly growing making today’s technology outdated tomorrow. With GLES’s modular exchange program your facility will remain current for decades to come without having to reinvest into new fixtures.
  • Green Light Energy Systems will prepare the applicable documents necessary to obtain the very lucrative Federal 179D Tax Credit and work with the local utility to secure the maximum rebate for the project.
  • Work with facility personnel and engineers to implement the solutions and create a schedule of lighting area by area so that the system can be maintained and serviced under the factory warranty for five years.
  • No maintenance costs for your lighting system for five years.
  • No ballast or lamps to change or dispose of for the life of the project.
  • LED Technology continues to improve the efficacy of lighting which will precipitate mass adoption to areas of the facility that may not be cost effective on the initial evaluation.
  • Our team will work closely with your engineers and facilities personnel to continue upgrading the facility, until every light is performing at maximum energy efficiency.



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