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With over 50 years of combined experience GREEN LIGHT ENERGY SYSTEMS is the leader in LED Lighting systems integrators and the services provider of these systems. Our team of  experienced LED professionals design and installs LED solutions that will deliver measurable long-term value.

LED lighting systems are the best solution because it reduce energy costs, eliminates lighting maintenance and also improves the quality of lighting.

Our LED lighting systems usually last 15-20 years, or more, providing and excellent lighting solution that will save you money and improve your lighting performance.

GREEN LIGHT ENERGY SYSTEMS is your reliable partner and one of the largest LED providers in the southeast. We strive to offer the best LED solutions in the market and our team of professionals are focussed not only in finding the right solution, but to ensure customer satisfaction.

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  • Up To 90% Energy Reduction Over Conventional Lighting
  • LED’s do not emit heat, which is wasted energy
  • Instant Restrike and Dimmable
  • Long Life Over 100,000 hours which reduces maintenance cost
  • Does Not Emit Ultraviolet Rays and Contains No Mercury
  • No Out of Pocket Cost with Positive Cash Flow on a Monthly Basis

LED LIghting Specialists

With over 50 years of combined  experience, our team of experienced staff of LC certified lighting designers, engineers and field-tested project managers are ready to deliver the best service and quality to your project.

We deliver value through a complete “end to end” approach, starting with initial project assessment, master plans, lighting audits, detailed project designs and reports, project delivery and performance evaluation.

Our services provide in-depth knowledge and expertise  in LED technologies. There are many paths within a project, from upgrades to renovations, equipment options and specific approaches.

We work closely with with our customers to provide an accurate assessment and evaluation of the project. This helps us to identify the specific needs of the project and provide the best solution available.

Among the many options in the industry, Green Light Energy Solutions stands out with professionalism, quality and customer service.

Measurable Value

Are you ready to save money in energy costs?

Our solutions provide a substantial reduction in energy cost and maintenance. After every assessment we calculate the cost and savings and provide you with an overview of the impact the renovation or upgrade will have on your energy costs. This will give you an immediate scope of your return in investment.

Not only our services will provide you with short and long term savings, but it will also reduce the cost of short term maintenance. Our solutions are designed and built to last longer and provide more than old and traditional lighting systems.

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